Photo by Greg Rakozy from Unsplash

A day at a time!

Another night I lay in my bed
Thinking if today was my whole life
About now is when I will be dead
Is it the end I would want or
Is it one I am being served instead
What choices I made today
Which thoughts did I hold on to
And did some I forget

Will I dream tonight of being reborn
Or will I not wake up to wonder what could be

When in the day today was I the happiest
Who did I lose today and what moments did I steal
Was my evening warm or is now a little lonesome
But then don't we all die alone

How much of today did I love
How much of today was I loved
Were the big hugs long enough
Or the little gestures large enough 

Did I stumble and fall
Or fall and then stumble 
Were the drinks just as good
Did I savour them enough 
Was the food spiced just right
And did I enjoy them enough

Another night I lay in my bed
Right before I fall asleep 
Holding on to one more breath
Hoping tomorrow will be a new day
A part of it that I will remember forever
And when I die I look back at it
To say that one today was just a little
bit better that it's yesterday