A traditional and very regional Indian dress

About me.

While there isn't a lot I can say about myself, what is there is very precious to me. It has indeed taken a lifetime for me to get where I am right now and how can do anything but appreciate. So instead of telling you who I am, I will show you who helped me be what I am today.

There are so many people I have to thank for what I have become, but I will start with my amazing parents. I am truly a result of their hard work and foresightedness. There would not be a me writing today sitting comfortably in a cushioned chair if there wasn't a father sacrificing his dreams or a mother crying her heart out at the gates of a boarding school. 

Then there is my childhood friend, my soul mate and my wife, and now the mother of our baby girl. Without her I would have never gone the extra mile and would not have been so content with everything.

I have mentors and they know who they are. Really! I never shy away from saying so, so you know! 

There are very few very special friends I have, they are more brothers than friends. We have fought and made peace and then fought again. 

All said, I have been told that I have not changed much over the course of time. Not by looks of course, but by the pattern of my thoughts and behaviours. I would like to keep things that way.

See you around. :)