lonely chair
me in canterbury

Here goes nothing!

In hindsight, which always seems to be a beautiful thing.. this has been an overdue dream. Writing blogs or rather finding time to do so. So here we are!

Another punt at doing this, when I finally feel as old as blogging itself is probably.

So, where are we? I am right where I was in many ways. The time just seems to be moving on. It has been over 10 years now that I came with 2 bags full of hopes and dreams this island of a Nation. I have met some great and amazing people, and most of all, have made a life here. I mean literally.. my daughter!

Everything was great until an invisible non-living flying blob of rna started attacking our species.. 

That said, I think I am in a good place. Have my amazing wife and a beautiful baby girl, who are always there to cheer me up. 

Stay posted and in check. Big things are happening.. my life is about to take a very very exiting turn and hopefully for the better. 😬