Meditating Buddha
Meditating Buddha

Meditation and Me!



A state of mind where you and your brain seem to be different entities, and you may or may not choose to observe your thoughts. So basically put your mind to ease and watch those horses of thoughts run around until they give up and give way to control and clean consciousness. 


Not really. Actually quite hard. It is very very very similar to killing one self by not breathing. GO ON, try it! Not killing yourself but stop breathing for a bit. While you can chose to do so for a very limited time, you will eventually gasp and give up. Your mind and thoughts are similarly entwined. What is the point you ask? Well, the point is to control the breathing for as long as you can. 

Let's get deeper into this analogy.. 
One can hold on to their breath for 30 seconds and hold on to a thought for 5 seconds. They start breathing exercise and eventually prolongs their hold on breath for a minute. Similarly, one meditates to prolong the time one can hold a thought for. 


I have been on this roller coaster to try to meditate and then not able to either find time or focus long enough. This stops now! I mean it! Really!

Akin to writing everyday, I am going to meditate as well. 🧘‍♂️

Different people meditate for different reasons. I am yet to truly discover mine. Part of me wants to believe that it will address certain issues with my ability to focus and stay calm. There's also a part that hopes I might be able to meet the goddess of nature or fly to distant realms. Well, either way, what matters is there is a lot to be gained by this. Definitely more mental peace.