Happy New year 2022

Happy New YEAR people!

While I may be late on getting this post out, it is still in 2022 and only in February. 

2021 was delightful in its own right! So many great things happened. So many sad things happened. As the love of my life puts it:

Today is also a day and is as much worth living as the tomorrow or that yesterday. 

COVID has had a profound effect on humanity. Probably, along the lines of what internet did to knowledge or telephone did to distance. 

Last year brought some personal successes and failures. Well, alright, more failures than successes, but then I did learn an awful lot. 

My biggest achievement for 2021 would outright be the fact in realising that there are insurmountable amounts of ways one can f**k things up. And I truly mean that. Making a mess of things is something I now consider art. An art because I had to step aside and see the shit fly by so many times. I fully intend to write them here and bless you with my knowledge. 

The Burnout - Jan-Mar 2021

Surely, you have read my post on Burnout where I go into detail of what it is and how to stay clear of it. So for the first half of 2021, I was working over 50 hours a week without taking any day off which led to total burnout eventually, for a company where I do/did not hold anything of.

Aiming for my personal "heights of naivety", May 2021

Thinking everything will work out and optimism will only took me so far. When I hit the brick wall in the start-up, I was tired, demoralised and very negative about everything.   A excerpt from poem in Rashmirathi (link attached) by Ramdhari Singh Dinkar goes something like this:


जब नाश मनुज पर छाता है,

पहले विवेक मर जाता है।


Roughly translating to: 

One's conscience dies before their complete destruction.

I was the same in many ways,heading towards a complete destruction. I did eventually manage to burn all the bridges. That, my family and some amazing people held me together before I could completely break down. The ability to discard negativity is something everyone should focus on and it is one skill that constantly pushes humanity forward. 

Persevere! But persevere with the right people and you will know true joy. Persevere with the wrong people and you will be 'Jon Snow'. 

Back to pavilion

Accepting defeat is not as easy as it is. Taking one on the chin and moving on is one difficult task to do but I had it coming. Optimism will never let your hope die, that is for sure. Folks at Capital on Tap were not only nice but also very very welcoming. I was let in through the door as one walks in to their home but after one serious lesson in management and software development. 

On to 2022 - Let's see if I finally start running this year :)